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3 Reasons Why an Effective TV Series Bible Is Essential for Your Script

For upcoming scriptwriters, a TV Series Bible is fundamentally a selling chronicle that can help pitch a great idea for a TV show or series, a web series, a limited series, or an animated series. If you’re scripting a feature film or a short movie, a TV Series Bible is not for you. If your show isn’t a stand-alone production and has more than one episode, you need a TV Series Bible and it is essential for your script because it gives your story and vision a leg up.

Here are 3 reasons why your script must accompany an effective TV Series Bible in the show business:

1. It’s Informative

Your script doesn’t convey the show’s idea and story completely. If you approach a producer with just a script, they are most likely going to turn it down because a single pitch document or the pilot script isn’t enough meat to guarantee that the script is worth investing in overall. A thorough TV Series Bible is a document of information that proves you have thought about every aspect of the show, including content for every episode to come. A show bible is a detailed inscription of content and concepts for every episode of the show and not just the pilot episode.

2. It’s the Backbone of Your Script

A TV Series Bible is an encyclopaedic extension of your script. If created well, it’s supposed to contain overviews of key characters, main events, hooks, and a broad overview of what your entire show is going to be about. From each episode’s synopsis to the meticulous breakdown of main characters of your TV Series, a Show Bible lends strength and substance to your script.

3. It’s a Broad Outline

A TV Series Bible may not ensure that you have a pitch ready for the entire show, including all its episodes but it surely informs the producers of the fact that you have a solid plan for the future. You could present a show bible even without having a script ready. An effective TV Series Bible is an outline or a detailed framework of your show and its many episodes.

Some writers create the bible first and use it to come up with the script. A TV Series bible can help you understand your characters better and can help you determine how the audience is going to perceive the story.

If you have any questions or need advice on setting out a kick-ass, attention-seeking series bible, shoot me an email at


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