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Screenwriters & Job Hunters...
I have good news!

Your search for an affordable and experienced pitch deck designer is over.

I am easy to work with and know what you need. ​My bibles have won awards, helped writers acquire agents, helped to sell scripts to production companies and assist job hunters to land their dream jobs. 

Screenwriters! Don't get swallowed up in the sea of competition. You could submit your pitch like everyone else and be swamped and forgotten or, with my assistance, leave a memorable mark and stand out from the crowd.


I will
transform this

into this


My bible designs have been highly praised by industry leaders who have read thousands of pitch decks throughout their careers.

The process is easy, effective and won't break the bank. You will know the cost upfront and there will be no surprise add-ons or extra charges.


Complement your project, born of hours of blood, sweat and tears with a professional bible or pitch deck that has IMPACT! Let me worry about the design so you can get back to writing!

Sell your script... Get rep'd by an agent... Win that competition... 
Whatever your dream, give yourself the best chance of being noticed  and make an impact!

Behind the Scenes

Job Hunters! Shine from the pages and let your future employer know who you really are, what you stand for, what makes you tick and what you can bring to your new role.


A personal or walking pitch deck is a relatively new trend.  It is a CV on 'roids, the ultimate resume upgrade and its gaining popularity in all industries.  A personal pitch deck allows you to show your personality, humour and achievements which contributes to making you a stand out candidate.  Check out my blog article here for more details and what to include in your personal pitch.  

kevin anderson-01.jpg

I will
transform this

into this

KEVIN PITCH_edited.png

The Process

Let's Talk

Let's start with a quick chat or email to discuss your project, goals, submission requirements, deadline and any other ideas to ensure the best possible outcome.

Let's Check

Within 24-48 hours I will send you a few draft pages to be sure that I'm on the right track. Shoot through your feedback and comments.

Let's Celebrate

After your feedback I will complete the project.  If you need any parts changed, you can send through amendments - we work together until it's perfect!

Packages & Quotes

Your quote will inlcude all research time (inc time reading scripts and resumes), design time, fonts, artwork (using Photoshop and Illustrator), any stock photos/illustrations from my extensive library plus up to 3 opportunities to edit + fix typos etc.

If it helps, I can send you a personalised project form to make writing your pitch deck easier. Shoot me an email for a quote and more info today!

Examples of my work

Want to know more?

For a quick no obligation quote, shoot me an email with a brief summary of what you need to:

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